No nonsense, just exceptional grip

Grip socks designed to deliver comfort and grip when you need it most. Tried, tested and loved by professionals around Europe

Elite level base layers

Compression sports wear designed for performance.


ProNinety - Trusted by Pros Loved by Amateurs

At ProNinety, we pride ourselves on being a dynamic and innovative brand dedicated to enhancing the football experience. Proudly based in Latvia, we are committed to sustainability and local sourcing. Over 90% of our products are sourced and manufactured within Europe, reflecting our dedication to supporting local industries and minimizing our environmental footprint.

Quality is at the heart of everything we do at ProNinety. We collaborate closely with professional football players to develop and refine our products. This hands-on approach ensures that everything we sell, from accessories to performance wear, is tested and approved by pros, guaranteeing top quality for our customers.

At ProNinety, we understand football players’ and fans’ unique needs and passions. Our dedication to creating high-quality, locally sourced products, with our global reach and custom team wear options, makes us a unique and preferred choice for footballers seeking the best performance and style.

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